February 2016 Earnings

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While reviewing my earnings for this month of February, I got a little bit sad. It seems like I haven't been able to really redeem that much for this month. 

Here's the screenshot of my redemption. Two of them were redeemed on the first week of February which went to my bitcoin coins.ph account. That was my last bitcoin money and I had redeemed it two days ago to my bank account.

I realized I didn't redeem that much due to the changes within bitLanders in terms of payments. This time, bitcoin is not anymore an option but instead, we have Payza and Paypal. Now that is really a challenge for me and I don't really prefer any of the two but then I have to redeem the earnings at the end of the month so I can also still document my monthly earnings and I have left with no option other than Paypal. 

I know Paypal fees are really huge and I have to wait for a bit of time for me to withdraw the amount to my bank account since there's also a fee if I'll cash out soon. I have to let it reach seven thousand pesos so there won't be any fees included.

It's a bit stressing thinking about the fees compared to bitcoin where in the cash out is free and that it arrives to my bank account within the day.

But I am still thankful about it that I am still able to earn here in bitLanders. Check out my previous months' earnings too:


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