Feeling bloated ?

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If you're feeling bloated after a salty binge, these TIPS  can have you feeling lighter.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: DRINKING WATER  helps your body in so many ways, but it should be your new best friend after consuming too much salt. Drink a lot when feeling bloated, but it will help you feel better and move the salt out of your system sooner.

Load up on potassium: You can reach for supplements, but eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in potassium lowers sodium levels naturally. Chow down on a BANANA, POTATOES , or SOME LEAFY GREENS .


Be sure to cut back on salt intake . Focus on eating healthy, natural whole foods — especially fresh fruits and vegetables! Don't sprinkle salt on your food at mealtime, and choose low-sodium snacks during the day.


I always use 50 % salt cut , this is really good especially for high blood .





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