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Public transportation can be such a pain especially when you have medical issues that get bothered with overdoing your body. I headed out to the bus to get some food from the store that would take me two buses to get to and there is construction going on on the highway near where i am living. Therefore I have to hurry and get to the stop walking around trucks and torn up ground. Having to take the extra steps is not fun for my body!

That bus came pretty soon and I had a pleasant conversation with the driver as well. I got off the buss with no other issues besides my usual aches and pains from stepping off the bus and walking two more blocks to get to the bus stop where I needed to board the next bus. That bus also came fairly soon. I was feeling lucky at this point and imaging my family saying that I returned home quickly.

I got to the store, picked out the three items that I needed in just a few minutes, went to the check out and there was only one customer a head of me and she was almost finished paying for her order. Got done paying for my order also and left the store hoping to be able to catch the bus going back in that direction.

I limped across the parking lot and the street to the bus stop, checked the time to see that I had missed the bus...... feeling TOO confident about getting back early. I had to wait 40 minutes for the next bus. It was another very nice  and good driver. We got to the bus stop that I needed to get off and cross the highway to catch the adjoining bus. And I looked up and down the street constantly making sure that I was not missing the bus.

I stood at the other bus stop for over 50 minutes when a young lady walked up from down the street and said that she had got out of the hospital and had been standing at the bus stop for about an hour and a half and decided to walk up to the next stop and see if there was anyone else that had been waiting a long time.

The bus is supposed to run by each stop every hour. We saw the bus on the other street go by, but ours had not come yet! Finally in about 15 more minutes the bus came, at this point I am hurting and this poor girl was starting to feel light headed and weak.

The bus finally got me near where I am staying and I was so glad because the driver was not driving very well and causing me to fall back and forth in my seat because he kept stepping on the gas and pulling his foot off!

I did not get back early and I was in pain!

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