Feelings and emotions

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When I was a kid I was unaware of the world feelings I went through a lot of experiences and know about the word feelings. As human we experienced much kind of emotions such as happy sad shamed loved blessed embarrassed etc.  There are up to 1000 shades of emotions but they are normally classified as positive emotions and negative emotions

Positive emotions are feeling happiness comfort love pleasure and negative contains sadness gloomy hate hopefulness etc. more you taste the feelings more colorful your life will be. Positive emotions will make your life beautiful but negative emotions will make your life hell sometime

Sometime people hide their emotions from the people because they don’t want pity or be shamed and some time they don’t want other to feel embarrassed. In some cases people don’t know how to express themselves with feelings and made castle around their selves and wear the mask of the happy face.

Some people show their emotions with ease and can’t hide their emotions. Physiological aspects shows that too much showing emotions or putting too much hurdles in the way of expressing emotions can cause physiological problems like depression etc which effects the health badly so for healthy life it is important to be moderate with emotions

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