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 Kate Millett (a feminist writer) believes and argues that a female is born but a woman creates.

She is completely correct there is no difference between men and women in their creations. Because the God himself create all his creations the same without any values change, it’s ok that there is sexually different between male and female but in all other aspects of live they are the same if it be the matter of right, position, mentally power, speech, sense or other parts. But these are men that from past till now use the women as a ball, shot her in each direction they want without thinking about their wants.

 So it’s clear their doings are their personal wishes and their differences are also according their own felling. The men try to shows the women as a weak creature and for this purpose they use different sources as television, movies, songs, also literature. As example in IRIANA T,V there is  program by name of MARDAN IHANEN (iron men) they not only shows their powerful and heavy bodies but also wants to show how strong they are, they can do everything because physically they are powerful, they can do things that women can’t do It, but men must not forgotten that continuing of live is not only relate to physically power but also need to mental power, to the sense, behaviors and many other things.

 If women are not physically as powerful as men or can’t be it doesn’t mean they are weak, they do many things that men can’t do for example they born child that men never can do or even a father cant shows his kindness as a mother do, they can’t be sensitive as women are.

 Not only these things the world is evidence that women have the power of invention, creation the same as men, they invite things that none can’t do it before. A women astronomer, that I forgot her name, detection a new plant that no one could do it before by trying many time.



 Today feminist theory caused women have different position and change the past definition of women as a useless and unimportant creature to a very kind, powerful, sensitive and useful human, find their real position and real identity that no one can ignore it even the male.       


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Oranos farhat is graduated from English department of Herat university in 1992.

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