Feria De Las Culturas Amigas

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I went to Zocalo with my family to watch, learn, and knew more about differents countries, all this in the “Feria De Las Culturas Amigas”,

I went so excited, I wanted learn about United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Egypt, Arabia Saudita e.t.c, I imagined, that, some people of respective countries was there to teach me or exhibit me a little about their country, I thought that maybe their exhibit me some of their food, a little of their history, I thought that they show me craftworks of their country, I never was to the “Feria de las Culturas Amigas” to be perfectly honest, I hoped more.

However I think that If the exposition was being more large, this will be more interesting, I learn  a few of all that I wanted  learn, I want to savor something of their meal, but I didn´t,  they didn’t heard me, but I read a little of their information that I can see.

But my history had a happy ending, I taken a photo with a British, I think that he was a British, so yes I liked went to the Feria D e Las Culturas Amigas, Thank’s Teacher Hector.

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