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Earn a lot of money in exchange for a small affordable investment. FGXPress, a company with a a 10-year history, brings you a wonderful new product – PowerStrip (adhesive strips that relieve pain) – with a patented technology that is FDA approved as a medication of 1st degree. Be among the first ones who will help rid people of pain and make money fast thanks to a sophisticated rewards system.

100% natural product for health promotion and relief from any pain. The patented technology based on herbs and minerals, marine phytoplankton. Designed for everyday use. Completely harmless, have no side effects. It is in the FDA (the highest American office for Drug Control) as a Class 1 drug.

KEY INGREDIENTS: + transdermal technology wave:
Korean red ginseng insa
marine phytoplankton
silver ions

Korean red ginseng (INSA)

It is a perennial herb of the family Aralkovitých. To the east is known as "man-root", due to the characteristic shape of the root. The Latin name is Panax Ginseng and is derived from the name of the ancient Greek goddess panacea that could cure from all diseases. In the wild ginseng is very rare and its price is enormous. Such old ginseng can be up to 200 years. It is one of the rarest of magical ingredients.
INSA is grown on plantations in South Korea, in terms of the nearest natural occurrence. Growing, processing and sale of ginseng controlled by the Government of South Korea. Ginseng Exports from the country in the form of raw materials is strictly prohibited. For medical purposes, the roots are used for 5-6 years old plants, because only these old plants have a sufficient concentration of active ingredients. INSA is different from other kinds of ginseng processing method. Now in Korea, even 1,000 years ago discovered a new way to preserve this plant: the plant is infused steam and then dried in the sun, making it acquires its characteristic red color.

marine phytoplankton

• Microscopic algae occurring in the world's oceans to a depth of 15 m
• The oldest form of life on Earth.
• 90% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is the result of photosynthesis in marine phytoplankton
• It does not occur in dirty water, is "an indicator of water purity"
• Water is the basis of the food chain, it contains all the diet of marine animals from zooplankton to whales.
• The ideal diet for all animals - contains all the necessary elements.
• It is in a hard shell, the human organism indigestible.
• Marine Phytoplankton ALFA 3 CMP is the first marine phytoplankton digestible for humans.


• Universal antibacterial agent with a broad spectrum of action.
• Effective against hundreds of infections.
• They are known for their antibacterial, antifungal, antiparazitárními effects for thousands of years.
• The nano-size silver ions act efficiently and quickly without kept in the body.


• Chemical element semiconductor
• Changes his property when heated.
• It is dispersed over the surface patches.
Germanium raises the flow of negative ions (electrons) that reinforce the weakened cells in our body. It helps secrete positively charged ions from the body, which would be disastrous. It raises the balance between negative and positive ions.
Why is the ion balance in the body important?
If there is a surplus of positively charged ion, so feel fatigue and dissatisfaction. In the case of striking a balance we are full of energy and feel happy. Germanium excludes infrared (heat) radiation that penetrates 15 mm below the surface of the skin, heats it and also promotes blood circulation. Germanium increases the concentration of nitric oxide in the body ("molecules of life"), dilates blood vessels and causes their blood supply.

TRANSDERMAL wave technology

It is a method penetration of the active substance into the organism through the passage of substances between the blood platelets on the surface of the skin.
• It is an alternative way to transport the active ingredient through the skin directly into the blood
• The transdermal route of administration allows the active substance to penetrate and cause long and slowly over several hours or days
• Keeps still the same concentration of active substance in the bloodstream
• Enables rapid transport of the active substance in the body, eliminates the problems associated with oral or injectable use.
• For the customer, not the problem alone use or remove the transdermal patch




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