Fibromyalgia Jokes

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Your might have Fibro if.........

1) you have ever fallen up the steps

2) you have ever spent an hour looking for your glasses that were on top of your head.

3) slept 20 1 week and none the next week.

4) cleaned every day for a week but none the next month

5)even if the softest clothes feel like you are wearing a potato sack

6)if your alarm clock is too loud, even when it's not going off.

7) if you require a second sheet of paper to list your meds.

8) if your doctor knows as much about your family as your closest friends do.

9) if your idea of dressing up means putting a bra on.

10) if your idea of advanced planning is anything over an hour.

11) if you haven't showered in days, but you still look better then you feel.

12) if you look and feel sunburn, but haven't been outside in a month.

13) if you put sunglasses on your "must haves" list before lipstick.

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