Fifa World Cup 2014.

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The top 32 countries including the host gather around every 4 years to take part in the FIFA World Cup. Firstly, before world cup they are tested through the qualification round and then they got to play the world cup. They form 8 groups of 4 teams each and top 2 of every group are eligible to play the round of 16 . Round of 16 is a knockout phase through which only 8 teams are winner which play quarter-finals , Semi-finals and finally the got to be the part of FIFA World Cup Final.

This year 20th world cup was held in South-American country Brazil which have also rumoured to have a football represented on their national flag as a symbol of their love for the game. Fifa World Cup is the most viewed sports event in the history of sports.

Fifa World Cup 2014 was started on June 12 with a starting match between Brazil and Croatia which Brazil won. Neymar scored an amazing goal that day.

16 teams qualified for the Round of 16 and 8 teams won their matches to get a place in quarter-finals. The teams were Brazil , Columbia , Germany , Netherlands , France , Costa-Rica , Argentina and Belgium. The teams that caused most upset to get a place in Quarter-Finals was Columbia and Costa-Rica. Playing without their best striker and captain , Falcao they got a place in Quarter-Final to face the biggest giants in Football scenario. On the other side , Costa-Rica was placed in group of death where they were facing England , Uruguay and Italy. They didn't lost a single match in group stages beating England, Italy and enjoyed a draw with Uruguay.

Four teams out of these eight teams were qualified for Semi-finals. They were Brazil , Germany , Argentina and Netherlands. The first semi-final was between Brazil and Germany , Germany won the match defeating Brazil 7-1 which is the most worst score in the history of football for Brazil.

The second semi-final was played between Netherlands and Argentina where Argentina won the game on penalties (4-2) after 120 minutes of no scoring match.

The final was played after the closing ceremony in which Shakira sung the World Cup song of this year. Both teams Argentina and Germany came in good heart to win the World Cup. The first half was very tense as both the teams were playing very defensively. The second half came for an end of career of Mirslav Klose who is the most goal scorers in overall World Cup with 15 goals and Mario Gotze came in to play as his substitute.

The second half also ended with the score 0-0.The extra time began and the first half of extra time was also a no scoring half by which it was clear that after 15 minutes the match is going on penalties but in 113' Minute of the match Mario Gotze scored an amazing goal was led Germany to win the World Cup final 1-0.

Germany celebrated winning Fifa WorldCup 2014. Sepp Blatter , the president of FIFA gave the World Cup to Phillip Lahm , the captain of German Football Team.

The Golden glove was given to Manuel Neur , The german Goal-keeper for most clean sheets in the tournament while Lionel Messi from Argentina won the award of Golden Ball for being the best player of the tournament. James Rodriguez from Columbia won the Golden-boot for scoring 6 goals in the World Cup.


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