Fifth Internet Classroom built by Film Annex at Amir Ali Sher Nawaie High School in Herat, Afghanistan

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Film Annex forges ahead in its initiative of building internet classrooms in Afghanistan schools. Equipped with computers, internet and the best of infrastructure, these internet classrooms are going to empower Afghan students. Having access to internet is extremely crucial for communication, interaction and knowledge in this global community of today. To be deprived of it will cause the people and the progress to suffer.

Film Annex has joined hands with Afghan Citadel company in an initiative that is actively building internet classrooms in Afghanistan schools. They completed the construction of the 5th Internet classroom in one of the oldest schools in Herat, Amir Ali Sher Nawayee High School. The school has 99 classes and strength of 4000 students and 155 teachers. The school started as a co-educational institution but later began catering exclusively to girl students. Do watch the video above to see how each step is painstakingly done by Film Annex’s crew.

Right from painting and renovation of the classroom to building new desks and securing the windows with grills to equipping the room with air conditioners and latest PCs with internet connectivity, every minor detail was carefully looked into. You can see the construction process in the video. The sight of a fresh internet classroom is indeed heartening.

Film Annex, and Roya Mahboob’s Afghan Citadel Company have been actively focusing on furthering educational initiatives in Afghanistan schools. They are working actively to promote and enhance the quality of women’s education in Afghanistan. The girls and women in this country were not allowed access to education or work during the Taliban regime. This effort is supplementing the other initiatives both by Afghan government and aid agencies to build new schools in cities, towns and rural areas. The emphasis is on improving the dismal percentages of both men and women who go to school. In the long term, the progress of Afghanistan as a nation and its economy will be determined by the success of educational initiatives such as these on the ground.

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