Filipino High School Students Needed for Training – Get Paid and Learn!

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I have been a longstanding contributor to  I subscribe to their motto of “connecting everyone through film.”  And being Filipino, I want to extend my reach to my fellow countrymen and women and invite interested high school students going to a school in the Philippines to connect with me and the entire FilmAnnex community.  I believe high school students are still young enough to learn the fine art of cinema but old enough to create thought-provoking blogs about filmmaking in the Philippines. 

Qualified students will learn:

  • How to blog using journalism style
  • Earn money translating pages from English to Tagalog
  • Learning the true power of social media

Interested applicants can email me at to qualify.

It’s that easy!  As long as you have a passion for film, and smart enough to write a blog, then you’re in!  Email me and I’ll talk to you soon!  I’m on my way to create more videos reflecting my utmost passion – cinema!

If you want to see what Filmannex has done to help high school students in Afghanistan, click here, and here!

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