Filipino soldier proposes to teacher girlfriend

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Everybody longs for this kind of love. Every man wishes to have a woman by his side, and every woman dreams of a man asking for eternal togetherness. We will never know when this kind of love will ever come to us, but still we dream. This story of a teacher and her Philippine Army Scout Ranger boyfriend will definitely touch our hearts, and give us hope knowing that this love truly exists.

Gerry Gaspar Palada Padayogdog surprised her girlfriend Portia May Herbon Avila in an event in the latter’s school where she was working. The woman was not aware of what awaited her, thinking that it was a normal event for the school. Moments pass by and the school carried on with its event, until the emcee called the teacher to the stage. This was when all the ‘kilig’ moments began.


Students began to give Avila flowers. Still, Avila was not aware of what was happening, simply thinking that this was just a ‘gift’ for being a good mentor. As the song “All of me” hit the speakers, Avila saw her boyfriend by the stage holding a pink box. At that moment, she knew this was all something else. Students started cheering on as Padayogdog approached the teacher.

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