Filipinos with great voices

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I was looking for some songs in you tube and I came to this to the video of the announcement of the X Factor Australia 2014 winner, that makes me shed tears  

Another Pinoy Pride is the X Factor Australia 2014 Grand Winner Marlisa Punzalan who was born in Australia with Filipino Parents.  Indeed Filipinos are known to have  great singers.  May it be here in the Philippines or in the other nations, Filipinos shows their outstanding voices. 

It's a nature for some, because in spite that they were not gone to voice lesson or any singing lesson, you can  hear them outstanding in their singing career. One of this is the Voice kids Philippines Lyca Gairanod, a scavenger, who don't even know how to read well at her age of 8 because she don't go to school, won recently in the competition.  



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