Film Annex Adds Russian Gold and Dari to its List of Languages

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NEW YORK, NY, August 13, 2012 - Film Annex, online film promotion and distribution company, announced that it has opened its blogging platform, The Annex Press, to Dari and Russian-speaking bloggers. Recently, the Film Annex Editorial Team published a list of instructional blogs for filmmakers and bloggers. The blogs are designed to inform readers about topics like filmmaking, sharing on the web, using social networks, being influential, and getting financially rewarded. With these blogs, Film Annex intends to guide filmmakers and bloggers in using its platform in the best and most rewarding way possible. Now, Russian and Dari speakers can also benefit from these suggestions and learn about filmmaking and social media. By adding new languages to its platform, Film Annex takes the initial steps towards creating a World Wide Social Media Curriculum.

In the blogs, Film Annex introduces its new tool, the Film Annex BuzzScore, which measures the reach and the influence of its users' content on the web.  The BuzzScore combines the blogging, filmmaking, and sharing performance of a user with the influence he or she has on other users. By studying the social networking efforts of the filmmakers and bloggers on Film Annex, the BuzzScore looks at how influential these users are on the web with their content.  As a result, a Film Annex user with a high BuzzScore may be asked to join The Annex Press as a professional writer, and the writers get paid based on their BuzzScore. 

Until now, The Annex Press has welcomed English-speaking bloggers who contributed to the platform with articles about entertainment, current events, social media, and others. Starting this week, Dari and Russian-speaking bloggers will also benefit from the BuzzScore and contribute to The Annex Press with their vision, culture, and insight. Film Annex is thrilled to expand its network of professional bloggers and will continue to add new languages to its website in order to maintain a global platform accessible by all.

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Film Annex is an online film distribution platform and Web Television Network with 220,000 registered users and over 1.5 million viewers a day. The company creates free Web TV channels for content providers and supports them financially through an ad-revenue sharing model. A meeting point for filmmakers, film festivals, film enthusiasts, companies, writers and organizations, Film Annex educates and entertains audiences by making meaningful, diverse, and high- quality films available to a global audience. For more information, visit



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