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Film Annex is an online media that create an online space that gives its users the opportunity to filmmakers, authors and also those who have network pay to Make Money Online The network has 30 million watcher and Three hundred thousand members (forty thousand Movie Maker) is a worldwide and these companies earn their networks through network and large media companies and online advertising gains.

 Film Annex a year and a half ago, started her career with our office in Afghanistan and we called the first web Chanel Afghan progress in collaboration with our network of media causing To put the positive image of the country in addition to the contribution of all the revenue this web Chanel film Annex projects we invest many positive Including the establishment of 11 centers, 9 of them sign a girls' school in Herat have got covered.

 Today changes with film Annex scoring system, anyone who is able and talented writing a blog ,video or sharing of content through this platform can easily earn money to pay.

Fortunately, Dari and Pashto Film Annex's also supports local language writer can write their own blog and I will explain that Film Annex and how the system works.

Annex movies online income by opening the scoring system is calculated in terms of power and influence in social networks is attracting watcher. The scoring system will test your management.

Open points = more revenues than.

The rating system is based on four sectors account.

1. Film maker: the number of movies that can make and upload.

2. Blogging: A blog you wrote.

3. Share: The number you have shared in social networks

4. Influence: How many social networks affect you and how many other users have shared your content.

Friends Bloggers must point to take note of the content of other sites posting copies of severity should avoid otherwise be removed from the site dashboard And for your interesting post by keyword words, pictures and videos to your online movie library Annex to use your content take on a new flavor to attract more watcher.

 In addition to the female students of other journalists, writers, poets and film makers can use this system to pay via online business revenue. The new system opened the scoring twenty days ago and been active in the national language of our country and people can easily access your to register.

Between the two female students have the system the right way it can be quick income Ms. Yasmin Mohammadi and Fatemeh Heidari. Both are sixteen years old, but with a clear understanding of the system and its main activities are can more than three hundred dollars earn in 20 days.

Ms. Yasmin with more scoring system:


Ms. Fatima with higher income

I hope not too distant future growth of the country's thousands of Fatima and Yasmin revenue we provide for businesses pay up to acquire success stories Of course we also have other good writers who have long been working with a network of women Annex to this network have provided very interesting content. I am grateful to them all.

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