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What’s your BuzzScore?

The Film Annex BuzzScore is a tool that measures the reach and the influence of your content on the web. Every time you write a blog post and share it on your social networks, you engage and influence others.  The Buzz Score looks at the number of your blog posts and their reach on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Film Annex. Users with high buzz scores may be asked to join The Annex Press as professional bloggers and get paid for their blogs.

The top 10 buzz scores will be eligible for a larger number of blogs to write each month. Remember Film Annex does not just pay to compose articles. YOU share the advertising revenue that is generated through your Web TV. The more content the higher the search the more $ bloggers can make.

  • Editors with a buzz score of 40 will receive a total of $40
  • Editors with a buzz score of 20 will receive a total of $20
  • Editors with a buzz score of 10 will receive a total of $10

Any questions regarding your buzz score? Contact us at

What’s in it for you? – The Benefits of the BuzzScore

As a blogger, you might be used to getting paid the same amount of money per blog or per word no matter how social you are on the web. If you’re an Annex Press blogger, there’s always room to grow and get paid more. When your BuzzScore increases, you get paid more. Initially, you might get paid $10 per blog, but as your BuzzScore gets higher, you may reach $40 per blog.

In addition, Film Annex gives you a free Web TV that you can curate with videos, so you also receive advertising revenues via the ads on your videos. 

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