Film Annex Capital Partners and Melkonian Capital Make Realty Simpler

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Investing in real estate can be incredibly expensive. Even with a partner, investors often need to have massive quantities of cash on hand in order to make the deal happen. Realty Mogul takes the guesswork out of investing in real estate and drastically lowers the price to invest. The company allows people to invest as little as $5,000, sharing a real estate investing deal with many other people. After the deal is funded, Realty Mogul provides a platform for viewing legal documents and showing you how your deal is progressing. By pooling money, more people are able to start investing in real estate.

Film Annex Capital Partners, along with Melkonian Capital as a lead investor, recently invested in Realty Mogul. Francesco Rulli’s investment will help the site continue to grow and prosper. The site has already been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and TechCrunch. The company has already started by investing in 19 properties, including 10 duplexes. The site has already started earning return on investment for people who have pooled money for a real estate investment.

Ambassadors from Realty Mogul recently spoke at the Innotribe/SWIFT Startup Challenge, earning top honors for their pitch. As a result, the Realty Mogul team will be attending SIBOS on an all-expenses-paid trip. They’ll be presenting Realty Mogul at the largest financial services conference in the world. Representatives from the company also attended LendIt 2013, Realogy FWD and Real Estate Connect to show off the company.

The company is currently pursuing underwriting and business development to ensure that they continue to grow and prosper. By streamlining their deal process, Realty Mogul can continue to provide would-be investors with great deals on investment properties. Although the site is new, it could provide thousands of opportunities for people who traditionally would not be able to invest in real estate the opportunity to do so.

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