Film Annex Classroom at Baghnazargah School, Herat, Afghanistan

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On April 25th, 2012, Film Annex and Citadel Software Company
built the first internet classroom at Baghnazargah School in Herat, Afghanistan. The Film Annex Afghanistan team documented every detail of the construction process, such as painting the walls, purchasing the curtains, building the desks, and installing the computers. The students we excited to have access to the Internet through brand new computers and get connected to the world. The classroom's official opening was celebrated by government officials and the school's administration. For more information, visit the Afghan Development page and the Afghan Development Web TV.




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Film Annex's production crew in Afghanistan documents an ordinary day at Baghnazargah School, which is 5 kilometers away from Herat. The school was established in 1989. In this video, we get a glimpse into the lives of female students, what they do in classrooms, how they play and exercise outdoors,…

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