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Fashion is about more than just what you’re wearing. True personal fashion, the kind that you pull together each morning, is about knowing who you are while still understanding trends. That’s what we do here at Film Annex, and if you take a look at our staff, you can tell. A recent photo shoot shows off our staff’s fantastic style. Fashion photographer Alena Soboleva snapped these shots of the folks behind Film Annex, and you can tell a lot about them based on what they’re wearing.

Subtle pattern mixing, minimal accessories and a polished look ruled the day. Our staff members’ daily duds are hip without being ostentatious. Film Annex is the go-to site for filmmakers looking to promote and fund their ventures - not gain Paris Hilton-like notoriety. If you look closer at the photos, you can see that each person has their own sense of style, much like all the filmmakers at Film Annex. 

Of course, we’re no strangers to fashion. In fact, founder Francesco Rulli worked with noted actor John Malkovich todesign a menswear line before he founded Film Annex. You can check out the documentary, called, “Flipping Uncle Kimono”, below:

Style is also about evolution. You can’t keep wearing the same things over and over and expect to stay current. In order to remain both true to yourself and fashionable, you need to keep what works while still giving a slight nod to the style du jour. The folks at Film Annex recognize this - that’s why initiatives like FAMusicTV and ModelsWebTVwere created. Both sites pick up on what people want, while still maintaining the Film Annex core model. 

At the end of the day, in both fashion and business, you need to remember to keep what makes you you while still recognizing what’s current - and nobody does that like Film Annex. 

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