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Film annex is a social media that provides online job for its users. The president and also the founder of this media is Sir Francesco Rulli who was born in the Italy and by occupation he is the business man and fashion designing partner. Mr Rulli is also black belt judo instructor. With his superb intelligence and hardworking team he has created a platform which provides the online job for the people of whole world and this well-known platform is Film annex. Beside this Sir Rulli is also known for his aid for needy kids and various organizations.

At the start film annex was specific for the film making which helps film makers to show their hidden talent of making films through this platform. Film makers were given the opportunity to promote their talent and are get paid for this. But with the passage of time its rules changed and it started promoting writers we may call them bloggers. The people who have writing skills can make best use of this paying site through which they can show their skills and are also rewarded for their work and struggle.

 Film annex includes Buzz score and revenue. Film makers and bloggers are get paid by revenue on the basis of their buzz and quality of their respective work. And buzz score depends on how good or film is, and what type of quality of our blog is, beside this our buzz score also depends upon on sharing and influence.

Film making:

Films are the soul of Film annex as its name shows “FILM” and “ANNEX”. The good qualities of films can increase our buzz score and revenue. The purposeful or any message conveying films should be uploaded. Many of us had uploaded the films of games even I have done this activity. This thing is not good this platform is for real films not for games or videos of songs or dramas.


Our piece of writing is blog. Many of us are granted with aptitude of writing their beautiful thoughts. Blogs of film annex should be plagiarism free. They must be written by ours elf not copied from any source. The title of blog should be written in capital words. For the confusing or words which needs further explanation hyperlink should be inserted. The length of blog should be more than 250 words. For more explanation or giving actual concept images can also be added in blogs.


Many of us are confused about the use of microblogs. Some people just upload any picture copied from different web sources. No microblogs doesn’t mean that, microblogs are like status which we upload on Facebook  etc. There should be minimum one line in microblog and try to avoid spamming. Spamming can decrease the buzz and also the termination of your account.


Revenue is the reward of our films, blogs, microblogs, galleries and even our sharing and influence affects our revenue. Daily revenue is given in the form of Bitcoin. Bitcoin is digital currency and filmmakers and bloggers are get paid by this currency. After 75 days of our work when we reach the minimum amount of ฿0.200000000  we can send payment request.

This is all which I come to know about film annex. New comers or people who are confused about using film annex can take guidance from this blog. Film annex is versatile site. It has improved the condition of Afghan women and it is also helping the people of Pakistan. Many students like me can earn money for the expenditures of their studies.All credit goes to Sir Rulli and his team members Ellyn, Mike Sweeneyand others. Thank you all for giving us such platform.  

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