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There lots of women and men making movies since they have received democracy and freedom of speech in Afghanistan. Herat is one of the famous and civilized provinces of Afghanistan where making movie industry is grown substantially. Besides, every year Herat movie union is organizing a movie festival.

The movie festivals organized in Herat province is mostly about the movies made by Afghan movie. For example, a couple of weeks ago a movie festival was organized in Herat city by the name of Herat International Women’s Film Festival.

In this Film Festival, about 15 countries, such as Iran, India, Tajikistan, and some other countries had attended. This Film Festival could show and introduced different cultures from different countries.

The people who attended this Film Festival were from different countries and different Afghan provinces. Even Herat high ranking officials had attended Herat Women’s Film Festival. They admired the feat of Afghan women and the feat of other countries’ women

There are lots of girls making short movies, and then they upload them on Film Annex where they can show their ability to hundreds of other people across the world.

The culture of organizing such Movie Festivals has recently grown in Afghanistan, especially in Herat. Mostly the movies made by women get the top awards on such national and international Movie Festivals.

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