Film industry declining

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Hi, my name is Adam and I am current a student aspiring to be a film maker. I am 19 years old and have been interested in film since I can remember. I am mainly heading towards directing but I tend to try out other areas. This is my first blog and I'm a typical bloke really, I love my sports; mainly football, at the weekend I like to go to the pub with my mates, have a few beers and watch the Manchester United game. If i'm not watching sports, then i'm watching films and going to the cinema. I love the big screen experience and being forcefully emerged into the film experience. I hate to cinemas lately to see only a couple of other film lovers sitting in the room with me. Coming from a film background, I watch all of my films legit and get annoyed when people are illegally downloading films as it is seriously affecting the industry I love. Its a very hypercritical action as people are stealing from something that they clearly have an interest for and consequently is leading to terminations of future projects. I understand that some people of ignorant to this matter and don't want to pay for there entertainment as they might not think about the consequences. There is no excuse though for people that i know that want to get into the film industry but are still downloading films illegally. This really frustrates as the way i look at it, I want people to buy my films or go cinema to see them so how hypercritical of me would it be if i was then to not give the same respect to other directors. I'm not saying that I have never watched a film on-line illegally but that was when i was a lot younger as less mature about the world, so as soon as i came to that understand, i stopped right there and started attending cinemas. So when I talk to people on my course and find that they want people to buy their films but at the same time are still watching other films illegally, i just really don't understand. I think what i picked up on was about when i was younger and had didn't understand how industry and the world worked really, which is part of the reason i watched films illegally. So i think this is a general issue and that kids need to taught at a younger age that watching films online is wrong and is basically stealing. I know some people say, 'well films are still making over £200 million profit, so me watching one film online isn't obviously affecting that, because their still making money.' But what i say is if everyone thought like that, and all watched films illegally, then the films would literally make 0 money and the film industry would die just like that! So I thank all the die-hard film fans that are still out there, going cinema, buying DVD's and keeping the film industry alive.

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