Film Preview for the 1st week of April

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April is usually a slight step down in film quality from March and is the calm before the storm of summer blockbusters. Here is a preview of the wide release films in the first week of April. Be sure to subscribe HelloHollywood's webTV for more film previews for other weeks of April. 

April 4th

Titanic 3-D- Just what James Cameron’s timeless classic needs is more money and to be shown in 3-D. In all seriousness there are probably quite a few scenes that will be magnificent to behold in 3-D, such as the iconic scene on the bow of the ship, the ship filling up with water, and of course the epic sinking of the ship itself. It would also not surprise me if this turned out to be the highest grossing film of the month.


April 6th

American Reunion- Personally I’ve never been a particularly big fan of the American Pie series. I am not really sure why this film is even being made. Its been 9 years since its predecessor American Wedding, and it doesn’t seem that men in their thirties are going to exactly flock back to see this.

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