Film review: Dolphin Tale

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Dolphin Tale


This is very interesting story because i like dolphins very much. In fact this story is about a dolphin. who get injured in the sea. A boy sees him and calls in marine hospital. There she was treated in a very good manner. She has some very deep wound specially on his tale.

So doctor decided to cut off her tale. The boy who brought her in the hospital and doctor's daughter were very sad to hear this. But doctors have no option. so they cut off her tale. Now the problem was that how will she swim in water. When she started to swim they all were very happy. But doctor analysis that she swims and moves her bake parts right and left not up and down . This can harm her bake bone and she can die.

So they decided to make an artificial tale for her. A start she rejected many tales because they were hard. But when a very smooth and delicate tale was made  for her she became happy and excapted that tale




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