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Nowadays globally we hear about digital literacy, in pakistan as a student I only just read it in newspaper or on social media networks. But did not knew what exactly digital literacy is?


When i joined filmannex at first I was not aware of its projects.But now I know what digital literacy is just because of the projects of filmannex.

Filmannex is working on digital literacy. Filmannex has projects in Afghanistan for building internet schools, teaching digital literacy and providing them a platform to get paid for their content (blogs or videos). 

When I started my work on filmannex I saw so many rude faces of my friends and brothers. My friends were regularly telling me that there are so many sites on internet which have like these ideas but they are all fake and they are closed after sometime. Even one of my brother was trying to stop me to work on filmannex and keep telling me that you are wasting your time. but I did not stop my work on filmannex.

Because when i saw that the filmannex and womensannex team is  working for a great cause,and i was inspired  of Mr Francessco Rulli ,Mike Sweeney , and especiallay  roya mahboob ,they are really heroes and role models for me.I was sure  in my  heart  that  i am  learning something great  and felt that this is a great opportunity for me to show my abilities to the world.

Just in one month i got the attention of the filmannex users and now i am connected with more than 300 pepole.and we share our thoughts and ideas that how we can spread digital literacy and  help women through education.

  now i am the top buzz scorer in pakistan and i earned more than 400$ in a short time. It was the day of pleasure and a great victory for me because I proved that I was right, in fact, filmannex was right and they were wrong who said to me that this is a fake site.

After that, my brother and friends said me to teach us about filmannex . Then, I deliver them two lectures on, how to work on filmannex. Now they are the regular members of filmannex and are included in the top 10 in filmannex community of  Pakistan like Syed Hidayatullah, Sher Khan,Arsal Khan etc.

As people of Pakistan are disappointed by different fake sites but my aim is to inform the people of Pakistan about the reality of filmannex and its projects like womensannex .I also hope that  soon in pakistan filmannex and its projects will be on top for education and women empowerment.

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i am shakir.i have done BS (HONORS) in chemistry from pakistan.i know english,pashto and urdu.I love to write blogs.

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