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    Film Annex is an organization working for the developing countries to enhance their knowledge capacity, level of social life, and to solve their economical problem.

Susan Ansary is a 22 year-old girl, she is from a poor family and lives in a rental house in Heart city. Her father’s feet are cut in a mine explosion when he was fighting with the Soviet Union 2 decades ago. She likes to write and read a lot, and this is her 11th grade at Hatefi High School in Heart city. She says: Once a girl came to their school her name was, Roya Mahboob, and announced in front of their class, “Is there anybody in this class to learn how to use internet and write articles as well as to earn money?”  And she gave her and her classmates info about an organization named “Film Annex”.

   She said: That question she asked in front of their class both changed her economical life and her education. Now, she is a member of Film Annex Organization and she has tied a contract with that company in order to write articles and being paid as well. She says: “The money I get monthly from Film Annex helps me support my family and to pay the house’s rent monthly, and I am very happy that now I can help my father.”

    Her education life is changed as well, for example now she is not only writing in pen on her note books, but also the Film Annex Company has learned her how to type and how to get info through internet. Now, she is connected with hundreds of boys and girls throughout the world through her Face book, Twitter, Google plus, Gmail and Yahoo mail accounts.

    Susan says: “Every week I ask my older brother to take me to the center of Film Annex in order to post my blogs and to solve my problems in use of both computer and Internet. She says that as well as her brother is keen in writing articles in English. Thus, “He has taken an English class to learn it and to begin to use Internet and write English articles too.

    This is not only Susan who is connected in Film Annex enhancing her both knowledge and educational level, but there are thousands of other School and University students connected across the developing countries with the Film Annex Company throughout Afghanistan, Asia, and central Asia enhancing their knowledge capacity.

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Muhammad Rafi is a 23-year-old boy who has already graduated from Journalism Faculty of Herat University.
He works both at one of Herat Local Radios as an announcer and Film Annex as a blogger.

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