FIlmmakers- here's another site to help your career! Karmalicity

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Karmalicty is site for all aspects of promotion for filmmakers.

If you have an IMDB page.  Karmalicity will help you drive up your Starmeter ranking.  It works by building points for viewing other actors, producers, writers and other filmmakers social media sites and their IMDB page.

Our peers then check out your Facebook and IMDB pages. This helps drive interest to your page and that improves the ranking on the IMDB.  It also help here because you can share news about what you have on Film Annex.  This then make you more relavent i web searches.

If you are unfamiliar with the IMDB, here's a link to visit my page.

Karmalicity has helped my rating so much.  Now some people will say it is all about ego and in a lot of ways this is true.  A lot of industry decision makers check to see if someone who has contacted them is relevant or if they have current films and projects going on.

You want to use site like the IMDB to show your credits and get your films listed to build up your resume. 

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