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Filmmakers don't know borders. They can be from any country in the world. Their films will be set in any country they choose and shot in any language necessary to the story.

On Film Annex, we don't discriminate depending on where the filmmakers come from, and as we reward them financially, we thought they all should be able to use the revenues generated on the platform no matter where they live. Access to a bank account or online payment like Paypal aren't that easy depending on the countries you are in, so we decided to use a digital payment system and currency accessible to all: Bitcoin.

Filmmakers know no boundaries. Why should their revenues and ability to use them be limited?

As of February 1st, Film Annex will be paying its community of users in BitCoin. It will be the official currency of the Film Annex community, with 300,000 users from 245 countries.


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