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Food blogs are pretty popular these days, Instagram is the ultimate tool for voyeurism, and people are more and more curious about each other's lives. And then, there are the movies. That's where we come in. Film Annex is having a "behind the scenes" blast this week. And that's not just it. We also have director commentaries for you. Sounds like a delicious menu. Yum. Mark Kuczewski started the "director's commentary trend" on our platform by recording voice-overs for most of his films, including the recently released Falling where he shares the spotlight with his DoP, Anderson West. The relaxed atmosphere and friendship among the crew is obvious from the first seconds of the video, where Mark and Anderson talk about the different challenges they faced in terms of lighting. First Day, one of our favorite comedies, has a new commentary too, where director Anderson West talks about the location and casting choices. Take a look below to find out about the film's little secrets.

We'd like to present a new web series by the We Believe in Balloons Initiative, an international campaign to share 10,000 pink balloons with the people of Kabul, Afghanistan. Zarlasht, the director and producer, started a video series focusing on artists living and working in Kabul. In her first video, Zarlasht, a 18 year old young Afghan woman, introduces her project to show the world the passion of Afghan artists by starting with her own story. The series goes on with Shamsia, the first and only female street artist in Afghanistan. Even though she is now a recognized artist on the international graffiti scene, she has yet to paint one in the streets of Kabul. Her dream: "Paint the gray streets of Afghanistan with colors."

Lastly, don't miss our industry newsletter which goes over the life and career of film critic Roger Ebert and gives the latest news on Tribeca Film Festival. And of course the Wacky Tuesdays blog which adds love to happiness this time with Mimiking, a Japanese short film.

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