Finally! We have a GOOD trailer for the Wachowski’s “Jupiter Ascending”

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Finally! Finally! Finally! We have the trailer and the footage we’ve been waiting for over a decade for the Wachowski’s to produce and that’s a good-looking sci-fi flick not starring Keanu Reeves and while they have tried once or twice over the years the excitement that surrounded the Matrix franchise has eluded Wachowski’s in their other projects. Today we get what we’ve been waiting for and it’s just… screw it, just look:

SEE WHAT I MEAN! This actually looks pretty cool! I’m even digging Channing Tatum’s semi-klingon look and although I don’t know what the hell’s going on I do know that Ned Stark Sean Bean is in this film and that’s more than enough to get my attention. Shit, I’m excited now…

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