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Palmistry is an art of reading the hands to get the idea of future happenings in life. You can get your age of marriage indication by studying your marriage lines on your palm. Marriage lines are also known as the affection lines or lines of union.

How to find the age of Marriage?

From the marriage line, you can get an indication of your marriage age. These lines are present on the edge of the palm below the the little finger. It can be seen at the outer edge of the palm and the line proceeds towards the area under your little finger (this area is also known as the mount of mercury). It is very common to have more that one marriage line, so don’t be surprised.
Although these these short horizontal lines are called as marriage line but they only indicate important relationships that impress you deeply. These relationships do not necessarily involve marriage. The stronger this line, the deeper the potential union. Several light lines found here will indicate romances whereas lines that are clear and strong indicate stronger relationships.

It is the long union line that will relate to your marriage and the shorter ones will reveal your affections. The distance from heart line to the base line of little finger is considered fifty years. When the marriage line is situated near to the heart line it means that you will get married quite early. If the line is located in the center of the mount it means that you will get married in your mid twenties. For those whose line is three-quarters above the mount it means that your marriage will take place in your late twenties or even mid thirties.


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