Find the job that’s right for you

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Find the job that’s right for you


Introduction: nearly 50% of all workers have jobs they aren’t happy with don’t let this happen to you! Means that e very person has their own thoughts interest, therefore sit down and think what kind of person are you? What makes you happy? What are you wanted to be in future? They main point is to describe the person’s interest trough this we can easily find our favorite job.

Psychologists list six types of personalities. Nobody is just one type, but most people are mainly one type.for each type, there are certain jobs that might be right and others that are probably wrong.                                                                         These types are

The realistic type: this type of person is practical and likes working with machines and tools

The investigative type: this type of person is curious and likes to learn, analyze situation, and solve problem.

The artistic type: this type of person is imaginative and likes to express him /her self by creating art



The social type: this type of person is friendly and likes helping or training other people. Or we can say they like working with groups.

The entertaining type:  this type of person is outgoing and likes to persuade or lead other people.

The conventional type: this of person is careful and likes to follow routines and keep track of details.

So we can say that if you think about who you are, you can make the right job decision. As an example a person who knew she/he wanted to do something for children. He/she thought he/she could help children as a school counselor or a lawyer. He/she took counseling and law course –and hated them. After talking to a career counselor, he/she realized the problem was that he /she is an artistic type. She /he studied film, and now he /she can produce children’s TV shows and will be a successful person as a worker




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