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I met with a couple of my friends yesterday and we were discussing some plans for the future regarding vacations. You know how that goes, the summer sun, the heat, thoughts that begin to pop into your head usually go something like hmm, it’s summer and everyone is going on vacation, where should we go?


Now on average people tend to lean toward the tropical regions or some European country. People tend to say they want to visit France, England, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Spain and various other European countries.

So, I decided to look into some of the greatest places to visit in Europe, mostly the tourist-y regions, because we all want to be entertained and inspire by the vast history within these locations.


Now, I’m no travel-guide or expert on these regions but based on what I’ve researched.

One of the greatest places to visit is Istanbul, Turkey. This region is highly recognized for its crossroads between the East and West, full of minarets and palaces, definitely on the top of the list.  

Now if you’re a huge foodie like me, you’ll definitely want to visit Vienna, Italy if you haven’t already. I hear they have incredible Viennese wine and cuisine that will leave your mouth watering for days on end. Vienna is also full of culture and tons of history for the artists in you, one of the top priorities indeed.


For those creative minds out there, Stockholm, Sweden is the destination you seek. It is full of vibrant culture, creativity and innovation. The air is fresh, the water is clean and this fascinating city has what you need to please theexplorer inside of you.

Stockholm has all you need to tickle your inner historian with castles, medieval cities, museums and galleries galore;you will bask in its beauty and never want to leave.

Now I’ve just mentioned three places in Europe you definitely want to see at the first opportunity that presents itself, but everyone has their own desired places to travel.


I know that my list is on the short side but it doesn’t end here; one continues to dream their inner explorer’s needs be satisfied at some point in the future.


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