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In a time when I occasionally feel down and out, as if my "FUNemployment" is simply the miserable unemployment and consistent job search that it somewhat is, I seek inspiration to keep motivated. From personal goals to powerful women, finding that reason to fight each day, to move forward rather than sit on the couch with tears in my eyes, is necessary.

One such example is Christine Norrie. Who is that? Virtually unknown, Norrie is the creative director for Cupcake Digital, a company that creates apps for children. However, for more than a decade, she has worked with a variety of well-known organizations -- comic books to The Girl Scouts -- after climbing out of a sales job into the niche she carved for herself. I discovered an interview and biography with her one day and, in that moment, it was that bit of female empowerment I personally needed to keep going.

Check out the interview below:

When challenges emerge, in all shapes and sizes, hope rises from different places. We don't always need to look toward vast movements and vocal leaders for what we seek during those difficult moments. Rather, sometimes a few words from a woman, a mother, whose passion lingers on every syllable is what we personally must hear. If you were to ask me, a 27-year-old whose life has handed her lemon after lemon in finding permanent employment, how to empower women, this pathway just might be the one I suggest today; Provide a young, humble female leader who has discovered success and we can empower ourselves as a result of her example.

After yet another job rejection, as the pieces continue to crumble, it's easy to fall down and forget how vital it remains to stay positive in working toward the ultimate goal. But I hear Norrie, or find some other crumb of hope, and know the salty tears are little more than a momentary lapse, a stumble, while getting to -- eventually -- the place I need to, and will, be. Then perhaps some day, I can do for others as this creative director unknowingly did for me in her mere six-minute interview. ::Fingers Crossed::

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