Finding peace through the storm

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I am human, I have doubts, I question why? Even though I gave it over to God and know he will take care of it, I still occasionally slip and fall.

It is a practice, I have to continue over and over, when I first gave it over it was when I was so over stressed my hair was falling out, I lost a lot of weight and I thought I was having a heart attack and went to have all kinds of tests, as I have a horrible family history  of heart problems.

As it turned out I was stressed, no duh! And now I was more stressed because of all these doctor bills when I finally hit rock bottom, I laid on the floor  and cried for help, l was done, I couldn't do this anymore alone. That day I decided to let it all go I was giving it to God and I was not going to worry about what I couldn't change.

When  later on when I thought I had met the "one" and he turned out to be the "one your mother warned you about" I slipped but just as fast, I went and let it go again because I know what peace feels like and I wanted that peace back,at any cost.

Recently when all these things were coming at me, I again slipped and yes,I made myself sick, come to think of it the last time I was sick was the last time I slipped as well, yes, I literally made myself sick with worry.
I then realized with all kinds of messages I got from God that I am not paying attention to the signs.

This is a sign,getting sick is a sign, turning on the radio and hearing someone say slow down is a sign, going to church  and the message is be still and let God do what he said he would do, is definitely a sign and I have to listen.

So today my friends listen to the signs, listen to your body, listen to that inner voice and let go of the stress and the fear and find the peace through the storm.

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