Finished the maze runner trilogy

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Last night I finished Maze runner trilogy, all three books were awesome you can not put finger on one book to say this is best, This is the story of a boy Thomas who was sent into the maze by some organization name WICKED, in the Maze there were about fifty boys, the strange thing is that they do not know about the past, there memories are all cleaned but they manage to escape from maze and then they were sent to the city Scorch and it is the other level of trials out of 22 just eleven people made back to head quarters, they all think that now trials are finished but Wicked has plan some thing else for them, but they mange to escape and form a new world, there are some event which are so touchy like when the newt, Thomas one of best friend ask him to kill him because flare is taking root in his brain, my heart sank when Newt die, over all I love this Sci-fiction trilogy, after hunger games this is the second sci-fiction trilogy i have ever read

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