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I am going to start by telling you all how happy i am to be here and that I am really enjoying myself. I am actually a blog/article writer and soon to be Author. I love sharing my stories with everyone and I hope that they bring everyone a lot of joy and laughter. Today I am not doing much but sitting here and reading a few posts. 

I decided to write one myself and see how it goes. I am currently working on a book that I hope many would love to read. I hope to get it done by next month or July the latest. Well, I wanted to actually come by and write my first piece here and I will write more as I go. I am kind of typing a little fast and a little distracted lol, but I am getting things done. 

I hope that all of you have a wonderful night or day. I am going to let you know about some of the things that you might see on here. I love writing a few tv show reviews especially when it comes to the Walking dead and Better call Saul. I will do those and you may see a few other topics that I am interested in as well. I hope that you all have time to read my blogs and love the topics just as much as I do. I am going to stop here and give my hands a little rest but I will be making more blogs throughout the week. I love to write and there are days that is all I do when I am not doing anything else. 

Have a wonderful day and thanks for reading. 

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