First in Bitcoin: Film Annex to sponsor an International Race Car Team at the Alpe Adria Rally Cup 2014

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In March of 2014, Film Annex sponsored the first international sporting event paid in Bitcoin (BTC) - New York Open Judo Championship at the New York Athletic Club.

Now Film Annex is sponsoring Italian race car drivers Alessandro Fatichi and Cristian Pollini in Bitcoin. The team will be racing on a Renault Clio R3 Rally in the Alpe Adria Cup-Club Cup 2014. This tournament takes place in seven events divided between Italy, Austria, Croatia and Slovenia. The cars are handled by 'AF Motorsport’ from Cassola (VI), and Alessandro and Cristian are featured on Race Fever TV @ Film Annex.

Race Car Driver Alessandro Fatichi stated: "I've known Francesco since the early 80s and in addition to an established friendship, we are very happy to collaborate with him and the entire team of Film Annex for several years. Our satisfaction is doubled, being the first team with the Bitcoin mark, with the hope to expand it to other teams in the world of motorsport."

About the Rally - It’s Sport, Entertainment and Technique

  • "Sport" because the Rally driver is a complete athlete: a thorough physical training combines positive character traits such as self-control, analytical skills, quick decision-making , knowledge of their limitations and desire to elevate, tactical and strategic intelligence, as well as courage and competitive spirit.
  • "Entertainment" because a rally is characterized by emotional moments, with races fought between the protagonists and most of the final outcome often uncertain. Even the single crew, with their car represent in itself an athletic dynamic and highly spectacular.
  • "Technology" because many important technological innovations on mass produced cars are tested first with races, for which the driver draws everyday benefit in safety, reliability and performance. The crew then requested a wealth of technical knowledge and outstanding qualities of sensitivity for the proper development of the medium.

About A.F. Motorsport

It's a team that operates in the rally races, in addition to rented cars, all activities relating to the preparation and technical assistance for participation in a league or individual competition. Within the team operates a skilled and efficient able to offer the rider a complete service regarding all matters relating to the preparation and finalization of the car. The service includes:

  • Provision of specific materials for the car
  • Complete assistance in the field of race
  • Hospitality and catering to every event • The custom technical clothing (on request)
  • The ability to have the support of specific professionals, both for the improvement of the car both for the preparation of the crew.

Under the commercial aspect of the AF Motorsport offers the opportunity for pilots to have more support in all activities related to motor racing. An example of this: brokering companies with sponsorship so that we can give to them to have a tangible response advertising investment. The services and the high level of technical product that is offered, together with the skills, commitment and passion for the rally, giving the opportunity to work best with their organizational activities and events in the local and international. is ranked as one of the Top 100 web sites in America with over 25+ million unique visitors per month. Film Annex is a leading online short film distribution, blogging, and content financing platform. Film Annex's growth is due to its unique #SocialMediaThatPays business model, which includes:

  • Paying Content Partners (filmmakers and bloggers) through the Film Annex "BuzzScore",  where advertising revenues are shared with Content Partners,

  • 20% Affiliate Marketing Fee paid to Community Builders,

  • Film Annex pays its Content Partners and Community Builders in Bitcoin, and our Women's Annex Foundation is exploring digital currencies in developing countries.

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