First London Pub To Accept Bitcoin – The Pembury Tavern

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A bit boost to the local virtual currency economy, as a pub in East London (along with its sister establishments in Cambridge, Norwich and Peterborough), has become the first in the UK to accept Bitcoin. The Pembury Tavern (Individual Pubs Limited), in Hackney, is a preferred hangout for local residents. The menu consists of quality food and drink and the staff/pub goers are all friendly.
The native Bitcoin enthusiasts held their regular meeting at the pub last Sunday afternoon (June 23). We joined the meet-up and recorded an interview with Stephen Early, the  landlord as part of the upcoming IamSatoshi documentary. He pointed out the reasons that made him start accepting Bitcoin, how he did it and what he sees for the future. Overall, the transaction experience was quick and easy, even fun, and showed immense promise as an alternative payment technology.
Here are the highlights from our interview, I hope you enjoy:


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