First Love

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Back then, when his family settled in accordance with that party, he told me to wait for his 5 year career he has, he will return to Vietnam to marry me as wife.

Did you know that the first 4 years of my life in faith and love for his whole child. It is the most beautiful in May of a daughter born.

You know, with the name of the man, his career was leading, love is secondary. I love you and accept waiting. So I think waiting is happy!

Four long years passed quietly with the dream wedding, the beaming bride and groom in the music and the kids born in the radiant happiness of us.

But unlike all of my dreams. The two of us each one fell. Two isolated distant sky.

People say "far side out of mind" But I do not think I betrayed my love.

Conversely they suffered hundreds of events happening in the story "heaven on earth" by the people in his family and society.

She is the one who has very high self-esteem, you feel your honor has been trampled others do not have a little sympathy.

There is no reason to persuade. Bitter salty tears on your lips. Despair that has crept into the thoughts, concerns. How many nights I cried alone buried in pillows and blankets wondering: "How did you perhaps forget you?"

And then, the superficiality of my decisions have led me to become a selfish love: I'm getting married!
Then, you also can not blame a brother, not to justify or defend anything, I feel his silence incredibly scary.

 Sometimes I think in my mind there is no concept of love. I got married to avenge his love's treachery. (?)

Yes or no? You and me, betrayed who?

How many hearts have been shrouded in award presentation. Now, I know that I'm not like that man. Obviously, everything is arranged by his family. They create views to cause misunderstanding to me.

Up to now, almost 25 years. He has become a man with a happy family.

And you, who love destruction at the expense of loneliness and regret.

But, he ah! To lose the love of his life, is ultimately always a pity, knowing that love can bring to us how bad things matter. One foot goes through, the memories are still there, it still wounds, sadness and joy is still there, though there is a long time to how much ...

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