Fish Albuvit Cork

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Who likes to eat fish, certainly all like to eat fish right ...! This time we will discuss cork fish that would be used as a supplement in capsule form. The cork fish rich in albumin very useful for consumption. One of the main properties could accelerate the healing of the incision scars and also very good for us being in its infancy.

Fish called Channa Striata easily found in Indonesian waters such as swamps, rivers, lakes or fast-flowing waters calm. Rinse fish cork, clean the scales attached to all parts of catfish then clean the inside and its gills as well.

Cut the fish into 2 parts steamed with added water and spices, such as pandan leaves, lime leaves, lemongrass, ginger, and cinnamon. This spice which will eliminate the fishy smell in fish and fish oil cork. Further steamed pot function to accommodate both fish oil that comes out of catfish. Well the last pot of fish cork new place, and close the steam gently just let stand for about 45 minutes.

Furthermore, separate the bones from the fish meat, after separate fish meat knead the flesh of the fish to make sure no bones are left smooth. The meat is ready and fish oil were ready. Now we dried in the second oven with a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius, let stand for 24 hours.

If it is dry mix directly fish oil and meat stir, and oven 1x 24 hours. Results of this second last drying alias blender blend until smooth, then strain and has been perfectly smooth. The time to enter the powder into the capsule, still using manual system alias to use the hand so the hand must be sterile and germ-free.

Next input capsules in transparent bottles 1 bottle contains 50 capsules, prices per bottle sold for one hundred rupiah. This business is quite profitable friend ...! Just imagine cork 1 kg of fish can be processed and produced 8 bottles. 1 Kilo catfish prices currently range between 42- 45 hundred rupiah. Not to mention the waste of fish bones cork, quite right ..!

Processing of fish bones cork is very high in calcium to snacks like onion sticks. Thus begins the oil, meat, and bones can all be utilized and many properties. In medical science albumin is used to accelerate the recovery of the body tissue which is torn or damaged. And more great albumin also serves to bind the drugs insoluble in blood.

Besides beneficial to accelerate the healing process of wounds and injuries, albumin also serve to help the healing process in hepatitis, tuberculosis, lung infections and other diseases.

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