Five best simple tips to know that a person is lying

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Most of the time,It is very difficult to know that a person is lying or telling a truth.However,you can make a scientific guess just be carefully observing his/her feelings and emotions.Here are the most effective tools to know that a person is either lying or not...

  1. When you ask the person about something and if the person responds  obscure answers at the  very beginning,then he is most probably telling a lie.
  2. During the discussion time with the person,if he/she doesn't concentrate on your idea,then he tries to answer something wrong.
  3. When you ask critical question,if the person says nothing for minutes,then take a big point at this time.
  4. At the middle of your questions,if the person tries to deflect your ideas with his action(like fake sneezing,caughing,etc) he/she most frequently is not interested to tell you the truth.
  5. As you ask a question,if the person responds diverted answer which is nothing to do with the questions that you want him/her to answer,then there is a red sign of lying.

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