Five Kinds Of Dreams

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Do you know that there are five kinds of dream? I don't know what they call those dreams so i named them myself. 

Faceless Dream

- This is the dream in which you are with somebody but you can't see their face clearly, sometimes you know who they are but sometimes you don't. When you woke up you'll start wondering who's that guy with you.

Amnesia Dream

- You know that you dreamed of something while sleeping but when you wake up you don't remember anything, you don't remember what happened you just know that you dreamed of something.

Dream of Future

- This is the dream in where all the things that had happened in this dream will also happen in the future and you'll tell yourself "It already happened before" but you don't know when. Deja vu.

Clear Dream

- This is the kind of dream that you can remember clearly the faces of the people and what happened in your dreams when you wake up.


- This is the worst dream that you never wanted, unpredictable bad things will happen to you or to someone dear to you.

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