Five Simple Hacks To Bring Out Your Inner Beauty Queen

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The triumph of Miss Universe 2015  Pia Wurtzbach has captured the imagination of thousands of Filipinas around the globe. Though genetics will make your break your dreams of becoming a beauty queen, it doesn't hurt to strive to be the  best version of yourself.

Here are five tips to be deserving of the crown in your own right.

Watch your posture. 

Good posture exudes power and elegance. When your muscles, bones and joints are aligned, it improves circulation and overall health. To keep your back straight, imagine a string slowly pulling on your spine, hold you chin up and square your shoulders. Exercising regularly is an excellent way to strengthen your back and naturally improve your posture. Plus you will look taller, more confident and ready to take on the world. 

Keep your skin flawless

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is also the most visible. Drinking lots of water keeps the skin hydrated. Don't forget to binge on green leafy veggies and citrus fruits to get ample vitamins and minerals. Be careful about the products you apply on your face. Make sure they are dermatologist tested to avoid allergic reactions that lead to breakouts. Like it or not, people will judge you harshly if you have bad skin. 

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Our generation is inundated with vast amounts of information. While fast facts are just a Google away, hunkering down with a good novel or non-fiction helps your brain focus and absorb new concepts and ideas. It helps develop your imagination and abstract thinking. It takes discipline to actually finish a book in its entirety. You should resist the temptation to watch another cat video for the nth time. Cut back on brain junk food and feed your mind real nutrition. 

Mind your manners

Media has brainwashed us into thinking that being brash and bitchy is cool and hip.Manners seem to be passe. But good manners actually signal higher emotional quotient (EQ). It proves that you have the maturity to put the needs of others above yourself. Imagine what a kinder and more enjoyable society it would be if we are all more considerate of each other. 

Be positive

Negative thoughts and feelings are cancers that, if left unchecked, would spread resulting in the eventual demise of the individual. While you will not die in a literal sense, being negative will kill your dreams, hopes and ambition. It all boils down to perspective.. If you see the good in people and situations, you are in a better position to see and take advantage of opportunities. 

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