Five things you need to quit to become successful on bitlanders

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Hello people these are five things you need quit to become successful on Bitlanders 

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Success and happiness are closely related, and you must wonder why you are not successful on Bitlanders? To become successful, you must be happy first. Then you can pursue success on Bitlanders.

To really be successful in any area of life like health, in a relationship, in your job, in your family, it comes with a price tag called “Happiness


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If you are still having doubts about happiness, 21-Minute Happy Morning Program will change your mindset.

Desire a happy life” and you would come across “five things you need to quit to become successful on Bitlanders”. Yes, you would have to quit them “to become successful on Bitlanders” and press-on!

What we need to quit is right in front of our eyes, and to the few that have seen it, they saw the need to

Quit procrastinating on Bitlanders

It is already deadline, and the jobs' not done before deadline! This happens because you delayed your work, or postponing a task, a set of task whether it is “Akrasia” or procrastination, the work today lingers till tomorrow.


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Your boss at works simply tag you “LAZY” this is because you have procrastinated.

How do you procrastinate on Bitlanders?

The buzz score depends on the number of blogs, your daily buzz and the rating by Miss Hillary.

You are procrastinating on Bitlanders when you feel reluctant to write a blog and submit for review.

Take a look at the leaderboard and see how successful people are ranked. They are there because they don’t procrastinate.

 Quit comparing yourself to others

You know you should not be comparing yourself with Jean Beltran, Sharon-Lopez or Artgirl, or others on Bitlanders, but that’s exactly what you are doing. Because we all know it is easier said than done right?

You don’t have to be like them, you are you! And will forever remain unique,


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  You are fearfully and wonderfully made 



don’t compare yourself to anyone else.

Frankly speaking, the fast track to unhappiness is comparison. When you compare yourself with someone, you are focusing on what you are not and loosing sight of your purpose!  This is the recipe for misery! The more you focus on a path not your own, the more you lose control of who you are.

Just be you!

Quit trying to make everyone happy 

On bitlanders, we all know how important getting better buzz score is. I often come across newbies that would ask you to buzz them because they have buzz you…

In trying to make everyone happy I make life miserable for myself. Don’t spend energy on pleasing everyone else, do what is right!

That’s when I realize, “I can’t make everyone happy on bitlanders”. I can only buzz as many as I can a-day-a-time-online.

Quit making everyone happy, but be quick to learn from people. 

 Quit trying to know what people think about you

Humans by our nature, we want to be appreciated. We crave appreciation for our talents, intelligence, success, personality and influence.  In all these endeavours of life, we think people opinion is important to success. But success brings about opinions

When I find myself as an African on the leaderboard, I was curious in knowing what people think of me. I lost the race. I LITERALLY LOST OUT ON WHO I AM  I completely forgot that “I am me and cannot be anyone else”.

So don’t forget who you are!

 Giving into fear and loosing on the leaderboard

Fear is the enemy of success. Every successful man knows this for a fact. Don’t be afraid to fail, but just be afraid of not rising up after you have failed.


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 After quitting, what should you do to become successful?

Quitting a habit has always been hard, but whats hard is what to do next! Most people know “what to do on bitlanders” some knows “how it should be done” and little know “why it should be done

You really want to become happy and smile like most people on bitlanders, cultivate the habit of creating wonderful blogs.

Blogs that will get you 4 stars and above. Start making Miss Hillary Summers smiles when she reads your blogs and watch your videos.

Quit trying to become a perfectionist overnight 

You are not a perfectionist, no one is!. Accept the truth, embrace it and feel it, realize it and make due with it. The moment you do, the better you start your journey of becoming successful in life.


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Stop pleasing people, stop expecting too much from yourself, stop expecting success overnight, start thinking of finding joy in your life and success will come knocking on your door.

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Is all about learning and making mistakes

Don’t think so highly of yourself on bitlanders, learn from people. See to it that Miss Hillary is your school teacher.

Pay attention to her instruction, listen to her advise and become successful on bitlanders.


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Success and happiness are closely related, don’t be deceived by anyone. To become successful on bitlanders, there are things that you have to let go.

Focus on improving yourself each time a day, learn from your previous mistake and quit things that don’t lead to success. Quit things as procrastination, comparing yourself with others because there’s only one of you in the whole world. Quit trying to make people happy and knowing how they feel about you, focus on becoming better.



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