Five ways a dog can change your life

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1. You will exercise a lot more

One of the things that dogs love the most is walking outside. So if you own a dog you will have to go out with him at least twice a day. If you want your dog to be healthy you will have to exercise him wich means that you will exercise too. Large and energetic dog breeds need a lot more exercise than small dogs but even small dogs need to go for walks. 

2. You will care less about the material stuff

Dogs are dogs and they will destroy things in your home. I own a labrador who loves to chew everything but I am not capable of getting angry at him. All he needs to do is play guilty and I start laughing. After all, I can buy what he had destroyed but his love is priceless.

3. You will change your wardrobe

Dogs shed a lot. Whatever you do it is simply impossible to get rid of all this dog hair.So in time you will learn to dress in such colors that match your dog's fur so the dog hairs won't be noticeable. This way you will be sure to avoid awkward questions from your co-workers.

4. Other dog owners will be your new crew

You will learn that dog owners are brothers by heart and soon enough you will organize dog play dates, participate in dog owners online groups and chats.

5. You will become a better version of yourself

I don't know how this works or how dogs do this, but I can tell for sure that my dog makes me try my best to be better. I know that his time on this Earth is much shorter than ours so I want to make every moment count. But even if I don't I know that he still loves me without wanting anything in return.

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