Flowers and Their Meanings

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Are you planning to give your dear one a bouquet of flowers? If you are the sentimental type, therefore you should know the meaning of each flower so you can express to your love one how sincere you are whenever you give flowers! Here is a list of flowers and its meanings according to

1. Azalea - Abundance

2. Pink Carnation - Gratitude

3. Cosmos - Peaceful 

4. Daisy - Innocence

5. Gardenia - Joy 

6. Hyacinth - Sincerity

7. Ivy - Fidelity

8. Lilac - First Love 

9. Red Rose - Passionate Love

10. Yellow Tulips - Hopelessly in love

There it is. Now that you know the meaning of these flowers, you can have it arranged according to its meaning. Have a nice day! 

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