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  Lok Virsa (The National Institute of Folk & Traditional Heritage) works towards creating an awareness of cultural legacy by collecting, documenting, disseminating and projecting folk & traditional heritage. Surveys and documentation of traditional culture is central to the objectives of the institute.


Today I shared with You my experience of the attending biggest festival in our city IslamabadThis Folk festival is organized The National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage (Lok Virsa) located in Shakarparian Islamabad. The aim of this festival was to appraise our youth about the richness of our country's heritage and gaining domestic and international support of these local artists.This was largest cultural activity throughout the Pakistan.These Cultural festivals play a vital role in promoting a country's soft image.

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Participants come from all over Pakistan.Here You could feel and taste the culture and heritage of our beloved country Pakistan under one roofIt consist of 4 major pavilions (of our 4 different provinces of Pakistan.

I will show You these pavilions one by one.

1.Punjab Pavilion ( پنجاب)

After entering in Lok Virsa first I decided to visit Punjab Pavilion.Punjab is the most popular province of Pakistan and containing 56 % population of the whole country.Lahore is the provincial capital of Punjab.Many Panjabi's including me are interested to Punjab pavilion.

Entry gate

 Different stalls were diplayed in this pavilion

Khussa Stall

Khussa shoes are made with soft leather that is quite comfortable.

Lamp Stall

These Lamps are in light made because they are made with camel skin and all designs on these lamps are made with hands.

Bead Stall

At this stall all things displayed are made up with beads.

Rural house stall

Pan shop Stall

Crockery Stall


Pottery Works Stall.

Puppet Show Stall

Salt Lamps

Music Stall.

Different dancing groups come from different cities of Punjab are performing their traditional dance performances.


Sindh is the south eastern province of Pakistan.the capital and largest city of the province sindh is KARACHI, which is also  largest city of our beloved country Pakistan.This pavilion also full with many stalls which shows the sindhi tradition and their local culture.

Entry gate

Lacquer work Stall.

Lacquer work is basically termed which means clear or coloured wood finish.In terms of decorative arts lacquer refers to a variety of techniques used to decorate wood surfaces ,especially in deep coatings.

Ajrak Stall.

Block printed shawls found in sindh are named as Ajrak.These shawls display special designs and patterns made using block printing by stamps.

Glass Frame Work Stall.


RILLI Stall.

Rilli / Ralli are traditional bedsoreads handmade by women from remote villages of Sindh (province).

Potter Stall.

Music stall.

Sindhi Folk Dances includes Dhammal , Ho jamalo, Jhumro.

3.Balochistan Pavilion (بلوچستان,)

Balochistan is desert and mountainous region .It consist of 44 % of  total land area of our country and biggest Province of our beloved country Pakistan.Their local language is Balochi and balochi kabails are in majority in this province.This pavilion was also full with colourful traditional stalls, food stalls.

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Mastung District stall

Mastung Distict located in the northwest of Balochistan.All these designs are made by womens of this district.

Balochi Chappal Stall

Small Industries Balochistan Stall.

Balochi Carpets

Balochi carpets are handmade carpets and are made by balochi nomads community who lived in defferent location, moving from one place to other.

Food Stall

Music Stall

Balochi folk dances includes Dochaap , Chogaa, Lewa.



4.Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pavilion (خیبر پښتونخوا‎)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa formerly the North-West-Frontier Province, is one of the four Provinces of our beloved country Pakistan. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the third largest province of Pakistan by the size of both population and economy.Its tradition and culture is also seperate from others.

Entry Gate

Stone Carving Stall

Vicks Painting

Sawat Wood Carving Stall

Sawat Wood Carving Calligraphy Stall

Rubab (Musical Instrument) Stall

Rubab Mostly used in Pashto music.In this stall You saw man busy in making Rubab.


Qehwa Khana Stall

Green tea / Qehwa is mostly used in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa instead of tea.


 Peshawari Handicrafts

Peshawari Carpets

Food Stall

Music Stall



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