Follow The Rules In This Post & Reduce Your Belly Fat In 2 Weeks

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A fat inside a pair of fold surfaces and even your drooping may be improved quickly and with efficiency if you exercise often moves later.

Cobra pose
- First, you lie flat on a picket plate or on the ground, then straighten your legs out behind.
- Next, you place your hands ahead of chest, hands, face on the ground, respiratory deeply.
- Then you carry your chest and head backwards, arms straight against the ground, stretching the abdominal muscles.
- Next is facing upwards and you pull your leg muscles robust, hold positions inside 5-10 seconds, repeat the movement ten - twenty times.

Inverted V position.
- First, you to cross your legs shoulder dimension, arms parallel to on the rear, the body begins to lower down, each hands against the ground.
- Then, you employ 2 hands and 2 feet as pillars for the body, buttocks and back within the air like inverted V, holding positions from 5-10 seconds, repeat this movement 5-10 times.
- during this position, you must listen to your arms and legs straight, headed below the arm.

Posture lifting the buttocks, akimbo
- Lie on your back on the ground, squeeze the arms, palms face down on the bottom, legs bent, soles of the feet touching the bottom.
- Keep the hands and feet, ass up high
- Lower the buttocks down and straighten your legs and provides up, press on the highest and carry the buttocks up
- come back to step one (complete one set)
- Perform all four times to urge the simplestive} fat loss effect

Training with a chair
- opt for a high chair to achieve the knee or on top of the knee one bit
Located off the ground, place my heels on a chair, legs stretched
Arms stretched over his head, fell to the ground, every hand holding one finish of the towel (hand helped form fixed)
- Raise yourself off the ground, keep the legs, arms extended, place his hands forward, still clutching the primary 2 constraints
- flip the mitt and so continue turning to the correct
- come back to the primary position (finish one episode)
- Perform all four times to urge the simplestive} fat loss effect

bending back
- Posture is that the 1st legs area unit splayed across his shoulders, his hands behind his back spherical, clutching at one another and alternate.
- Then you are taking a deep breath and fell back to the rear, up and hyped up shoulders ironed down, face skyward, hold positions inside 5-10 seconds.
- Next, you return to the first position, repeat 15-20 times.