Followers of Islam

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Religion has been very important in life. Islam is a true religion. It is a complete code of life. The followers of Islam are called Muslims. A true Muslim must show following characteristics.

o   He has firm faith in Allah, his angels, books, prophets and the day of judgement.

o   He also believes in good or bad fate.

o   He performs prayers five times a day.

o   He pays zakat and performs hajj.

o   He fasts during the whole month of Ramazan.

The life of Muslim reflects the true spirit of Islam. He shows his faith in his doings. He never ignores the golden principles of Islam. He has fair dealings with other people. His manners are good. He holds high standard of molarity. He never harms other people. He helps the needy and the poor.

He performs his duties well. A true Muslim is thankful to Allah in well-being. He shows patience in difficulty. He knows that the purpose of his life is to please Allah. He feels good when he worship Allah. In short he always follows the way that his prophet suggested him.

Knowledge is obligatory in Islam. A true Muslim learns from the lap of his mother to his grave. On cutting-edge a true Muslim possesses all the good qualities. He never ignores the true spirit of Islam. 


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